Tilt Shift

15 01 2009

Here are a couple tilt shift examples. Not true tilt shift lenses.
This was done online at tiltshiftmaker.com
I love this style.



A Good Typographer Makes the Type Taste Good

31 03 2008

This is a video from the Vancouver film school describing what Typography is.
My favorite part is when it says typographers make the type taste good. There are a lot of
videos out there that use typography to illustrate song lyrics and speeches.

Going to Denver

27 03 2008


I am going to Denver for the UCDA Design Summit.
It was nice whipping out the 1Ds Mark3 on the plane.
I did what I could with the window that had some schmucks face grease all over it.
I will try to take lots of shots here in Denver, more to come.

Missions Concept

12 03 2008


Here is a cover concept for the Taylor magazine on the theme of mission driven.
I ended up going with a different cover but I may use this image for something in the future.
Some people see something some don’t right away. Do you see it?


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Flickr Images in 3D

29 01 2008



This is a cool application that I stumbled upon called TiltViewer. It is a way to see your flickr images in 3D space. They have a online version and a version that you can buy for a personal website. All you have to do is go to the link here and replace the last number with your flickr id number. You can also see groups this way by replacing the last part of the url with “?group_id=” then the group #. You can also search for multiple tags use a querystring like ?tags=smile,jump&tag_mode=all

Thorns & Sky

11 01 2008


This is a photo I happened to find at the end of a long day at work. It is nice to get out and just be expressive sometimes. I loved the positive and negative space. I also liked the way it felt like the thors were spreading out to take over the frame.

ISO 400 1/160 at f11

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MotoX Gear Shoot

9 01 2008

Spy Goggle

Spy Goggle

Thor Protection

Here are some of the most recent photos taken with the 1Ds MarkIII. I captured the images with great accuracy. The flash setting seemed to be the right balance for my Alien Bees flash units. The cameras contolls are not as clumsy as I once thought thay might be. They are still not quite as easy as my D2X. These were all taken at 200 ISO. I will try to post some with the higher ISO as soon as possible for you to see the amazing lack of noise.